Welsh Terriers in the Snow

Welcome new member Spike!!! Debbie and Chris Murlowski own the lovely Spike and live in Chislehurst. Can't wait to meet him!

Debbie writes:

Thank you for copying me in on the lovely Welshie snow pics and messages...

Since having Spike, I have been handed two Weltos Cards, one of which was given to me by a lady in Eltham Park... (Jan Chamberlain) and the other was given to me by the owner of two Welshies who I was chatting to in The Woodman in Farnborough Village (David Meecham with Jack and Daisy) (Editors note: Aha so he's up the pub when he said he was going shopping!!! :) )

Thanks again and best regards.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Welcome Debbie, Chris and Spike. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again one day. Thanks for calling me a "Lady" that doesn't happen very often! I'll make the most of it. Stay warm in this weather. It's not fun anymore!

Jack and Daisy, avoiding the yellow bits of snow!

Daisy looking at her Wonder Winterland!

Today Eddie Carr joined the bearded fashion!

Here's a photo of Maggie and Merlin Cooper, enjoying the snow!

Chris Hurley writes:

It's good to see new members and local too! Here are some snow pictures , before and after the game of fetch.....and the culprit!!!!

Alys Hurley what are you like?

Margaret is 9 today! Happy Birthday, hope you get spoilt rotten!

Happy Birthday Mummy, love Sophie French.xxx

Happy Birthday Margaret from Willow and Izzy Chamberlain.

Jan Chamberlain tells me that she and Nigel may have met Spike before in one of the parks they use. She writes: It's good to have a new member to the gang.

Just as well the ramble was cancelled as it would've been tricky under foot. We walked to the park this morning, both dogs had icy balls in their pads. Poor old Willow, her arthritis is playing up and Izzy just wants to eat the snow. Stay warm!

Chris Cherry writes:

Ruby does not like the snow sticking to her feet!

Lynn French writes:

Snow? what snow? We have none here in sunny Deal!

Sue Foreman writes:

Bertie still likes to have a ball game, even in the snow!

And Margaret Webster would like to thank all for their Birthday Wishes! She spent a lovely day with Scooby.

Kay Pennycott writes:

Snow has finally arrived in Somerset! Isla decided it was playtime in the snow. Hope you are warm and toasty at home-snow falling steadily here. xxx

Woody Gee displaying his wonderful "'ampsteads", which are as white as the snow!

Nicola writes:

Just a couple of pics to add to the collection. Woody is still relentlessly playing with his ball even in the deep snow :) xxx

Susan Cooper sent in this lovely shot of Maggie and Merlin playing ball.

Stephen Warne writes:

Great Pics. One thing, a number of them in evidence, is that Welsh Terriers like sticking their noses into things.

Did you see this on the BBC website? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43250025

I hope the little terrier isn't a boy or his assets will be well and truly frozen!

Sue Webster writes:

Two worn out dogs. Scooby and Margaret.

Paul & Eva Daley sent these delightful pics of Gertie's first time in the snow!

Another photo from Jenny Carr:

A frozen snow ball!

Kaye Attoe sent these lovely shots of Maisie and Teddy in their snow coats: