News from Janet

Rob with Seb at the beach at Ferring, on one of the Weltos rambles

I received this lovely card from Janet, thanking us for the "lovely flowers", which I sent on behalf of the committee. They were just a little something to cheer her up as she must be going through a very stressful time and to let her know that we were thinking of her and Rob.

She tells us that Rob is progressing slowly and further investigations are taking place. Seb is missing him very much. We all hope he recovers soon and Seb can give him lots of woofs and licks.

Jan Chamberlain writes;

Good to hear Robin is improving. Lovely Card from Janet.

I had a sneaky peak at next months pic. on the desk calendar. It's of Izzy aged 6 weeks. She is now 6 months old and boy has she changed. What you didn't know when you did the calendar was that Meg, (Jan's previous Airedale) my nephew Nick (who died in June) and myself all share the same birthday in March. So it's lovely that Izzy is on that month. Thanks.

Editors note: Wow! That's really nice to hear. As all the Desk Calendars flew off the shelf this time, I didn't get to keep one. So it's nice to know you're pleased with it.

Izzy and Willow making the most of the sun in the conservatory last Sunday.

Judith Berg writes:

Thank you for sharing news about Robin. As you say, life must be very hard for Janet and we all hope Rob will be better soon. I know he will be pleased to have Seb to cheer him up. Just as importantly I am sure Seb is being very supportive of Janet. I know our two were for me when Alan was in hospital.

Lynn French writes:

So happy to hear that Robin is improving- it must be a very difficult time for Janet, but hopefully things are on the up. Sorry to hear the Ramble is cancelled but perhaps one in April would be more sensible! (Especially bearing in mind the snow forecast for this week!)

Talking of snow, Jenny Carr writes:

This is Eddie enjoying the snow this morning. I stress he was not supposed to be on the bed!