Our Doggie War Heroes/poison for dogs!

Chris Hurley writes: Saw this in the Mail supplement. It was 1939, but only Airedales.

Editors note: We did have a Welsh photo, a while back, who was pictured with his army owner but I"m sure this will be of interest too!

Jan Chamberlain wrote:

I've seen this pic. before. I don't think either of my previous Airedales would have made war heroes. Both Mandy and Meg were terrified of loud noises, they may have suffered from PTSD if they had lived though the war. Izzy was ok with fireworks, that may change as she gets older.

Sylvia Turner writes:

Cor! I don't think Owen would take to a gas mask. I have enough trouble with his raincoat!!!

Food that is poisonous to dogs!

Most of us know the dangers of chocolate, grapes and raisins etc., but Jenny Carr picked up a special buys magazine from Aldi, which was advertising peanut butter XYLITOL sweetener free. They say that Xylitol is toxic to dogs and they would need urgent treatment if eaten. She has an organic one which doesn't contain that ingredient so is safe for any dogs who may be a sandwich pincher!

Editors note: I wonder what it does to humans? I'm a firm believer in all or nothing and anything in moderation. That's why we always eat butter and not margarine! Whilst lots of products are being promoted as fat free, you don't realise what is put in to supplement this! What do you all think?