Daisy using her hypnotic powers on me!

I don’t believe it IT’S HAPPENED AGAIN! We were tucking into our fish and chips and all of a sudden the bag holding the spare chips, flew off the work top. David just managed to reach them before the pirates! This is seriously freaking me out now. Stephen Warne got in touch with me, saying how he and the family were in stitches reading about the edam cheese flying into Captain Jack’s mouth, followed by the pork pie into Daisy’s (on the blog) He reckons that Woody has this skill too. A whole roast chicken taking off from his work surface is just one of many examples. We think we should do a survey to see how many of you have had this happen. Can you imagine a load of Welsh terriers staring at food that then flies off into their mouths? They must all be TELEKENETIC in which case, it should be written into the Breed Standard! Genius!


Bertie Kisby does this by hypnosis - he stares at me when I am eating roast chicken,/ sausages/ roast beef or lamb and then whilst I am in a hypnotic state from looking into his pleading eyes my hand lifts a large portion off my plate straight into his mouth!! Sandra xx

No incidence of telekinesis with Owen. But I haven't told him that his capacities seem limited, compared to others………ho hum,


Amazing. Millie has spent years trying to perfect the technique, she sits between me and the worktop staring at the food being prepared, but as yet, nothing's happened.

Eileen x

Well caught David. My thought is, the dogs were saving you from eating the spare chips, cheese and pork pie. We could sell it as a new diet plan. (Editor's note: Funnily enough, I have lost a stone in weight!)

I suppose having Airedales I've got used to pushing everything to the back of the worktop. Izzy can now just reach the worktop, so I'll have to expect flying food if I'm not careful. Willow just waits to see what lands on the floor.



Jack has the power of vertical take off to reach kitchen table or work top.

Recent losses include pate' and cocktail sausages.

No sign of Telekinesis --only great focus and keen senses of smell and sight.

Warm regards

David and Jan

Just read the responses v funny.

Hypnosis AND Telekinesis and failing that get crossed with something lankier and go direct to the work surface. Where there's a Welsh there's a way lol.

Funny that dogs and bears share a common ancestor, that must be how they can do such a perfectly disconcerting Paddington stare :-)