What's going on?

Mandy with Rosie and Kobi enjoying the snow in Switzerland!

Happy New Year from Mandy and Richard xxx

I just had to share this with you all. Yesterday, David decided to made a sandwich for lunch This involved a decent sized wedge of Edam cheese. As he was cutting it, it flew off the board, straight into Captain Jack's mouth, who tried his best to swallow it whole!!

So David had to revise the making of the sandwich and in doing so, opened the fridge door and a small pork pie flew out which was caught, this time, by Daisy, who fled under the kitchen table and devoured the whole pie, very noisily and with great gusto. So I have to say the two pirates have started the year in good spirits and using their skills to the full!

Patsy Meecham

Meanwhile Jan Chamberlain seems to keep bumping into Welsh Terriers in Greenwich Park. She is a good ambassador for our club, so hopefully we will be seeing new members aboard. Jan says if you're thinking about going out with your dogs, hang on to your hats, as it's really blowy out there.

Sue sent this shot of Margaret making herself comfortable!

Enid Southgate sent me this photo of Kevin

My daughter sent this photo she took over Christmas of Kevin (maybe not his feet under the table, but definitely he's got his paws firmly on the arm of the sofa!!!! Love Enid

I had a surprise visitor today. One of our longer serving members, Simon Clough was passing so popped in. This was the result!! See below:

Daisy decides Simon needs a little wash!

Simon quite liked the fact he could cuddle both Jack and Daisy at the same time. As you can see, they were loving it! And I think Simon was too! Patsy Meecham