After Christmas

The two best gifts around our Christmas tree

Daisy and Captain waiting for their pressies

Jenny and Ian Carr sent in photos of Eddie, before.....

And after!!!!

Chris & Deb Cherry sent this photo of Ruby!

Boxing day walk to the pub. Ruby fell into a lake trying to get a drink. Did not like being wet so rolled in the mud and dirt! Bath time when we got home.

Sue sent in a few pics of the Webster Gang. Sue says lots of her family had the cough and cold germs everywhere and it's a wonder that they haven't had it!

Judith Berg sent this photo of Evie.

As you can see. Evie found Christmas a bit much but is recuperating for tonight and hoping there won't be too many fireworks. A Happy New Year to all our Weltos friends.

Judith, Alan and Evie.

Paul & Eva Daley sent this photo of Eva and mummy in the kitchen. Editors note: Gertie, you're looking very dapper!

News from Jim & Vanda Crummey

Just to report that Vanda and I, after losing our wonderful Betsy, managed to be without a Welshie for ten days, before we acquired, from Phil Davies of the "Perrisblu Kennels" in Swansea, the lovely Lilah. Lilah is a two and a half year old brood bitch who didn't take to being a brood bitch! So Phil was willing to release her from her duties!

She has settled into home life exceedingly well and has a loving and kind nature. We are delighted with her.

Editors note: Lucky Lilah to have found such wonderful owners!! Happy New Year to you all!

Kind Regards

Jim & Vanda

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Hi Pat,

(Editors note: referring to my comment about being ill all over Christmas)

Glad I wasn't the only one with the lurgy, had the most irritating cough and aches and pains for about 10 days before and after Christmas. Still can't let it get you down, dogs still have to be looked after and walked. Funny now it's all over I feel just fine. Just need the weather to settle down so we can get out for some nice walks, I've had enough of being soaked and the smell of wet dogs isn't very pleasant.

Love to all