Christmas Posts

Captain Jack and Daisy send their Christmas Greetings 2017 to you all. Hope you all have a good one and a Healthy New Year.

Margaret thinks the best place to be in this cold weather, is in bed, cuddled up with toys!

Ruby, getting into the festive spirit!

Woody Gee with his Christmas Scarf and below, frolicking in the snow

See below: Here's our little Snow Dog, Chuck Bennet, who has had a marvellous few days burying his balls (pun intended) in the snow. He's such a snow dog that he whines to be let out when we are in and doesn't seem to bother about it being cold. He particularly enjoys the warm baths upon his return too!

Tallie decided she's too old to play at dressing up! So it was left to Jasper Amos!

David Grossi sent me these photos of Norman:

Thank you David for sending this lovely photo of Norman who is now three years old. See below earlier photos of this lovely boy! Happy Christmas Norman!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

This is Willow and Izzy during and after an exhausting game, doing a figure of eight game around the house yesterday evening. It wears you out just watching. Willow seems to have a new lease of life. They can't be bothered to go Xmas shopping!

Last week we saw Sandra and Bertie in Greenwich Park, then we bumped into Ian, Jenny and Eddie on the other side of the park. It was like buses.... we all arrived at the park at the same time. Sunday we were back at the park, our son ran his first 5K. So Izzy got to mill around all the runners. She was fine with the Santas and reindeer, a bit startled by the PA, then she just listened to the Rock Choir. (Editor's note: I should have been singing there, but have had a rotten cough for a while now! I hope Izzy enjoyed the Choir!)

Happy Christmas to all our Welshie family