The Christmas Party 2017!

The Fancy Dress! Woody sees Rosie the Red Dragon and can't believe his eyes!!! Nicola thinks Rosie is whispering "Call the Welsh Terrier helpline Woody!" :) Editors Note: To people who don't like the idea of dogs dressing up: Only dogs who are happy to do this compete. We do not like to see dogs distressed. (Photo sent in by Nicola Gee)

The Weltos Christmas Party took place Sunday 19th November. A bit early, but actually turned out better as there was much less traffic on the road. A grand turn out of 37 people and 23 dogs!!!! Members were greeted with hot sausage rolls, mince pies and mulled wine. The dogs had home baked cookies and doggy cup cakes made by myself and Mandy, whilst Kaye donated hers to prizes for the dog games.

We sailed through the AGM, where Sue welcomed us all and I'm pleased to write, that as a result, we have now on board two more committee members, Sandra Kisby and Kaye Attoe and Mandy Simioni has offered to help provide food when necessary. We all agreed to ditch the Summer Picnic in favour of a ramble with a picnic.

Our accounts are very solvent so a big well done to our Treasurers for looking after us all.

I thanked all the Discover Dog helpers and gave them a Weltos notebook to go with their Weltos Pen, which Chris Amos had put into crackers. Nicola Gee has offered to help us redesign our stand.

The George Forrest Cup was awarded to Kaye Attoe as she never misses a Weltos Event and always provides us with delicious home baked cakes, even making Eccles Cakes to our trimming sessions. She has also come along way with her trimming.

The Tiltser Achievement Cup was awarded to Sue Webster, who is a founder member and has attended every single event ever since the club started. She has helped lots of our members, over the years, to trim their dogs. She took Margaret (WT) on when Sally Poole was beginning to get frail and helped rehome Sophie who now has a wonderful home with Lynn & Peter French.

The food this year was really excellent. Well done to the chef's, Sandra, Alex ( also myself ) for the main courses of Chicken & Ham Pie, Vegetable Quiches and Chicken & Butternut Squash Tikka Masala.

Desserts included a Rhubarb Crumble, Trifle, Fresh Fruit Salad, Pavlova, Christmas Pudding and a delicious Cheesecake. The dessert chefs were myself, Sue, Chris, Kaye and Deborah. A major triumph for the caterers as the oven in the kitchen is very poor. I think we need to ask the people in charge of the hall to update the oven if nothing else!

A mountain of cakes came in so a great big thank you to all those who donated. Kaye once again made her home made delights of carrot cake and a walnut cake. Mandy made a lemon drizzle cake.

Rob & Janet had a wonderful array of raffle prizes and this year organised a lucky dip bin as well. Sue provided a Find the Flea game. There was a Christmas Quiz, followed by Pass the Parcel, a hilarious Fancy Dress and Musical Chairs.

After Tea, coffee and cake, members pitched in and helped clear all the tables and chairs away.

Thank you all for your continued support and if you haven't already done so don't forget your subs are due on 1st January, to see how to renew, click here: renew subs

A lot of hard work goes into organising a party like this, so it's wonderful to hear from you members.

Sue Foreman writes:

Thank you and everyone who worked so hard to make the party so successful. It was great fun and it was so nice to see so many Welsh Terriers together and to discuss the breed with other owners. The food was delicious and the activities were great.

Love from Sue, Richard and Bertie.

Brian Robinson writes:

Back home safe and sound on the Island! (Isle 0f Wight)

Thank you and all those involved in organising another lovely day with all the Welshies. It still amuses me seeing them all together and generally getting along with each other. The food and entertainment were splendid and an awful lot of work went into it to making it such a grand day.

Nicola Gee writes:

I hope you have recovered from another great party!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a great day. The food was amazing as usual and apart from a little bit of barking :) the dogs were so good. Amazing how quiet they were when the music went on so maybe next time we should have background music hehe.

I don't know about other dogs but Woody was exhausted when we got home and full from all his lovely treats...Xmas definitely feels like it has already begun.

Chris Hurley writes:

Thanks to all the organisers for another great, if somewhat noisy party. This was our only contact with the members since last year, having missed the Summer Party and the rambles. As you said, a good turn out. I have attached a few photos. I wasn't really on the ball this time. Another reason why we miss Tim Dale.

I am putting feelers out for some likely rambles, but will not be volunteering until I have some success. Most places I know are too far away.

Regards Chris and Lesley.

Judith Berg writes:

A belated thank you to you all for such a lovely party on Sunday. We did enjoy seeing everyone again and meeting "new" members and the meal was delicious.

We were a bit apprehensive about how Evie would behave but she did us proud. She also slept most of Monday! She wasn't even car sick on the journey - probably because it was motorway all the way. I remember Archie was ok until we turned off the motorway and it became stop and start.

Again a big thank you to you all. Your hard work was appreciated.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Just a quick note to say thank you to everybody for Sunday. I had a very tired Willow (who had hurt her foot playing with Izzy!) and a bemused Izzy. She behaved very well for a 14 week old puppy. The noise got to her (Editors note: the noise got to me too! Had to take a pill when I got in!) She stayed under Nigel's chair for most of the afternoon. Both dogs had their dinner when we got in and went straight to bed. We had to wake them for their last trip to the garden.

Thanks Again

Jan, Nigel, Willow & Izzy

Jane Witcomb writes:

Thank you and the Committee very much for a very enjoyable party. I appreciate all the hard work it takes to make it so successful. Its lovely to see so many delightful Welsh Terriers all together and well behaved!

Best Wishes

Jane, Jack & Ellanora

Peter Thompson writes:

Many thanks for all your hard work. We look forward to seeing the photos.

Best Wishes

Peter & Lorraine

Enid Southgate writes:

I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you all put into the November get together. It was good to see so many WT's in one place. Kevin seemed bewildered and sat on his chair. It is just a year since Sue, you, David and Alex encouraged us to take on an "old boy". He was 12 years old on the 24th of this month and he fits in perfectly with us "oldies"!!!! Several members welcomed him and at least one of his offspring was there. It was a lovely day for both of us (Kev and me). Thanks again.

Kind Regards


Paul & Eva Daley write:

Thank you for a lovely time at the Xmas Party.

Eva, Paul & Gertie xxx