Discover Dogs and more news!

What a photo!!! Alex Witmond's Kevin at Discover Dogs!

Discover Dogs this year took place on 21st & 22nd October 2017. An exceptionally busy year with lots of people asking about Welsh Terriers and many returning from last year.

Saturday's team were Jan Chamberlain, Pat & David Meecham with Captain Jack and Daisy. Sue Webster, Rob and Janet Hockey with Seb and Alex Witmond with Kevin.

Sundays team were: Isobella & Tom Bennet with Chuck, Nicola & Nathan Gee with Woody, Jenny & Ian Carr with Eddie, Chris Cherry & Ruby and Tony & Kaye Attoe with Maisie and Teddy. They all did a sterling job.

To see photos of this weekend, go to the page Discover Dogs 2017

Can't wait to meet Jan & Nigel's new addition, Izzy. Jan tells me she is a little car sick but they are working on it. Willow has started to instigate playing games so fingers crossed for a happy life together.

Judith Berg is bringing her Evie to the Christmas Party to meet us for the first time. Evie is otherwise known as Houdini as she is an escape artist. Judith recently went on a cruise and whilst away, learnt that Evie had escaped from the Kennels and they couldn't catch her. A man with two border collies found her and took her home. He managed to contact Judith, who put him in touch with the kennels. By this time she had been gone for 5-6 hours! All ended well, but what a worry!