Izzy cuteness/Motorhome fun!

Jan Chamberlain sent me the latest photo of Izzy aged 5 weeks! Isn't she adorable? Won't be long now before Jan and Nigel bring her home!

David, Neile, me and the dogs took off to Romsey last weekend. We went to a motorhome exhibition, which was situated on the Broadlands Estate. The organisers also provided evening entertainment. We had Dolly Parton on Friday evening and on Saturday "The Bad Beatles". Captain Jack and Daisy were a big hit too! In fact whenever we entered the show, the people on the door just waved us in, as they recognised the dogs (but not us!). The rain was torrential and all the motorhomes were having to be towed off the pitch when they wanted to leave. It was a little nerve wracking as this was our first time being towed, but we were in good hands and it turned out to be very exciting!

Romsey is a very pretty little historic town, dog friendly, with an ancient Abbey and some nice restaurants. Well worth the visit.

David, Jack and Daisy looking at a statue of Lord Palmerston in the town centre.

Daisy dozes whilst watching TV in the motorhome.

Jack & Daisy making friends at the evening party