New pup on the horizon/Alys's tooth

Oh my goodness, what's this? Puppy Airedales! How exciting! Jan & Nigel Chamberlain are expecting a new pup soon.

Jan writes:

Good news! We've reserved a pup. We'll be going to pick her out next week when they will be 4 weeks old. They are 14 days old here.

Jan says she got the breeder from the Kennel Club register in the end. She did email the Jokyl kennel but they didn't get back. The Stargus kennels gave her contacts who had used their stud dog. One litter was too far away and the rest didn't reply.

Jan reckons we all need to go aaaaaah every now and again, especially as she and Nigel have had such a sad summer after losing Meg and then her nephew passed away. Looking forward to more photos, but until then, altogether now "Aaaaaaaaaaah!"

Chris Hurley sent me this photo of Alys's tooth, complete with root which fell out of her mouth the other day.

Chris writes:

Just been playing with Alys, indoors, with a ball. Lots of throwing and general rough play. She dropped the ball and spat out a tooth. A small molar, root and all. No sign of blood or discomfort. We carried on playing and she seems untroubled. Obviously we are going to check the rest of the teeth, but has anyone had something similar? Puppies lose teeth but Alys is 8!!!

Chris Amos writes:

Without a dental check from the vet, it's hard to say what caused this but could it possibly have been a retained tooth left from the initial teething process? I believe it's quite a common occurrence in dogs and if it's a back tooth against a front/incisor not so obvious.

Lynn French writes:

My previous Welsh Bonnie, lost one of her teeth. I think it was one of the top molars which sit behind the canine teeth. I never saw it come out - just noticed to when I was cleaning her teeth one day. She was probably about 7 or 8 at the time. She only lost the one. Not sure why.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

A couple of months ago Wllow had a couple of loose teeth. They have moved forward and are no longer loose. Whether she head butted the hoover or something we can't be sure. her mouth just looks a little wonky now, bless her little cotton socks. It can't be that unusual for dogs to lose teeth. People lose teeth and we're not catching balls in our mouths.... well some might!

Eileen Pearce writes:

I haven't personally had any experience of dogs losing teeth, but would mention it to a vet in case of underlying gum problems.

Francesca Taylor writes:

Could just have been a trauma but the periodontal ligaments are extremely tough. Does she have gingivitis /tartar build up on remaining teeth?