Game Fair, Hatfield

David, Daisy and Jack, having a break in the beer tent at the Game Fair in Hatfield

David and I took the dogs in the motorhome to Hatfield, for The Game Fair, over the weekend. We arrived on Friday. Chris Williams from the Welsh Terrier Club had our free passes, but it was a long way for him to bring them to our entry gate and my messages to him were not getting through right away.

So I had a word with the the man in charge of gate entries and he decided that it would be alright for David, myself and the dogs to enter without tickets!!! It took a bit of detective work to find the Terrier Pavilion as it was not indicated on the map. But we did find it and Chris was amazed at how we got in with no passes! The weekend was fabulous. Lots of country pursuits and dog events on display and loads of shops as well as food and alcohol stalls. Gin seems to be very popular!!

Weltos Member David Morgan with Jack came to see us and he and David went off to share a pint at the beer tent.

We met Weltos members Isabella and Thomas Bennett with the gorgeous Chuck. He is a really lovely dog and I wish Isabella all the luck in the world for her next show.

Chris Williams did a great job with the stall and it was fantastic to meet wife Sophie and their glamorous daughter as well as their dogs.

I hope David and I did our bit when walking round as we had lots of people asking about the breed, so we guided them to the Terrier Pavilion which they had no idea was there.

On Saturday night there was a big storm and around 11.20pm our fridge alarm went off, indicating that our site generator had given up. Having no electrics, we had to quickly switch to calor gas, so no problem. The dogs slept through it all!

We were up at 6am and saw that some parts of the ground were a little muddy, so decided to leave. A shame we didn't get to see Alex who was arriving that day. A brilliant weekend and a big thank you to Chris Williams who invited us and organised the passes.

Here are some photos of the weekend

Chris and his daughter with dogs, Isabella and Thomas with Chuck and Jack

Chuck loves an ice cream!

Daisy peeking through my bedroom window!

Chris William's daughter with Alex. Note they had to put straw down because of the mud, but nothing will stop these guys from having fun!