Grass Seeds!

Yesterday, Daisy kept barking at me. It was driving me mad as it went right through me! But now I think she was trying to let me know something was wrong.

David had taken both dogs for a walk and enroute Daisy suddenly stopped and went down on all fours.

Then David noticed she'd started to limp. I bathed her paw in a saline solution and applied witch hazel gel between her pads. This morning she was no better and kept licking her pads, so we managed to get an appointment with our vet. I'd been over and over her paws and could find nothing, but the vet discovered a tiny, tiny point of a grass seed. It was the same colour as Daisy's fur so all the more remarkable that she saw it! She got some tweezers and gently pulled out the rest of this horrible, nasty specimen that you can see above. Daisy was a star and remained perfectly still. Her wound was cleansed, she got to her feet, the limp was gone and that was that. I've heard about these grass seeds causing havoc but in all the years we've had Welsh terriers, this is the first time it's happened to one of our dogs. That vet did a really good job!

For a treat we took the dogs to The George and Dragon in Chipstead. They are always made a fuss of in there and the food is great.

Judith Berg writes:

Poor Daisy! But good she has such conscientious owners! Those pointy seeds are lethal when they dry out. Archie had one like that, which went into his leg and travelled up. Nasty job, but, like you, our vet did a good job getting it out. just goes to show how vigilant we have to be, checking our dogs carefully in the summer months.


Jan Chamberlain writes:

Some years back I thought Willow inhaled something, took her to the vets, who could find nothing. A few days later I was stroking her neck when I found a weeping hole. I quickly phoned the vet (Sunday lunchtime) got her a quick appointment. My lovely vet had a poke around the hole and came out with a grass seed, or "little bugger " in his best Italian accent. They may be small seeds, but they can travel anywhere in the body. We Have two lucky little Welshies.


Puppy News

Member Susan Cooper is getting excited as she is now expecting a new little puppy brother for Maggie. Fingers crossed all goes well.