Escape Artists

The delightful Evie Berg! I thought I had problems with Daisy escaping, but just read what Judith has to say:

Sounds like Daisy and Evie are twins!!

Our front garden looks like Fort Knox but is now pretty much secure, not that we trust her to not to chew, dig, rip, or wriggle her way out so we keep an eye on her. The back is different. We are in a dell and the back garden rises almost vertically about 50’. We had stock fencing put in when we moved here but Evie could dig under it, bend it, trample it, you name it, so we always go out there now with her and armed with treats and regularly check the perimiter! Your story about the chickens reminds me of when Evie arrived. She was very unfit and could only go on short walks nearby. Down the road, someone has chickens! At least it meant we knew where to look for her. Then, one night the chickens were locked up so she continued and found pet rabbits. Fortunately they were in a secure hutch and although it was severely chewed, she didn’t get to them. The owners were really very nice about it! It must be because she looks so appealing. That was when we got the tracker. We were going on longer walks and she was getting to know the area. Twice she has gone a long way. Once into the woods and I eventually caught up with her in half a field of brambles chasing – yes – rabbits. Then, she went in the opposite direction. Again, a very long way, and she was chasing rabbits in and out of bramble patches in an old orchard. Without the tracker I would never have found her. Since then, I have had to be careful where I walk her. One of the walks now has lambs in the fields, so I can’t chance her remembering where they are. What really amazes us is the fact that only one person got really irate (when Evie chased his cat up a tree) she looks so appealing people try to catch her, phone us, or bring her home.

The tracker we have is a Nano. Is yours the same? Sometimes we lose the location and battery life could be better but it has been a godsend. We have found the helpline excellent and they have adjusted the tracker remotely. It looks quite large, but Evie doesn’t mind wearing it and even in the recent hot weather it didn’t seem to bother her. We got it from Pets Corner at our local Wyvale, but you can get them from Dogs Trust. There is a fee for the tracker and then you pay a small subscription for the type of service you want. Do get the app on your phone working in case Daisy tires of your neighbour’s chickens.

Here are some recent photos. One is Evie communing with Katie next to rose Katy’s Rose and another communing with Archie next to the ceonothus we planted in his memory. On one, you can see the tracker quite clearly. When I am able to kneel down (ankle is healing well), I will try to get one of her with the Weltos rosette.

bfn Judith

Editors note: I have yet to team my tracker up with my iPhone....I must get on with it and let you know how I get on.