Keeping cool in this heat!

Bertie Foreman has become a fan of Frozzy the frozen, lactose free yoghurts! The tongue says it all! Sue tells me that he had his first frozen yoghurt at the Anniversary (made by Kaye Attoe) and obviously got a taste for them. I must go and buy some for Captain and Daisy, they absolutely adore them. Thank you for the lovely photo Sue.

Jan Chamberlain tells me she is doing a flash mob on Woolwich Common on Saturday. I would normally be there with our Rock Choir, but not this time. Jan is going to be by the Charlton Athletic van as they are supposed to be joining in!

Jan and Nigel bumped into Ian and Eddie Carr in Oxleas Wood. Nice to know members keep in contact.

Whilst they had their coffee, Willow was tucked under the bench in the shade. Jan has bought her one of those cooling mats, but has to hide it in her duvet cover otherwise she won't use it! Typical Welsh!

I hope you are all keeping well and your dogs are all ok. A special mention must go to Kaye Attoe whose dog Teddy is losing weight. The vet has diagnosed pancreatitus. Now he has developed a funny smell about him which even the vet noticed. It went away a little after a bath. Kaye is beside herself with worry and I'm sure she will do all she can to make him better. If anyone has any information to offer her I will gladly pass it on. From my own experience, my first Welsh terrier developed a horrid smell after suffering from a skin disorder and it all boiled down to his immune system. No-one could pinpoint what the problem was and only steroids, which I tried to keep in small doses, got rid of it.

The committee has been thinking about organising the odd ramble throughout the summer but I think it's fair to say it's far too hot at the moment. When it cools down I will let you know if there's a Lavender walk or a trip to Hythe. I've also been told that Pett Level beach in Winchelsea is brilliant, with a dog friendly pub called The Smugglers Cove on the beach. When I looked it up on google, it said no dogs on the beach from May-September but my friend, who was there last weekend, said there were lots of dogs there. David and I will go and check it out at some point.

Meanwhile if you have any photos of your dog keeping cool, please send them to me.

Chris Amos sent me photos of Jasper cooling off with her little grandson.

Chris says Tallie prefers to stay in a cool spot indoors! She is very proud to say that Jasper was awarded his KC Bronze Good Citizen Award last Friday. Very well done Jasper and Chris!