How Weltos started and members comments on our party

After lunch at our party, Sue gave us an account of how our club first started.

The Origins Of Our Club by Sue Webster

Maureen and Martin Ankrett (KANRETTA) first had the idea of starting up a social club for Welsh Terrier owners in the South East while they were talking to Bill and Jackie Cooper (also breeders) in a motorway service station on the way back from a show.

Maureen rang me to see if John and I would be interested in the idea, which we were. So all six of us got together at Bill and Jackie's home and made plans for the club.

When the club started up it was called The South East Welsh Terrier Owners and Breeders Society. Quite a mouthful! Long standing members will recall it shortened to SEWTBOS.

Our very first meeting was in Essex as that was where Maureen and Martin were living. We hired a barn in a farmers field for our first venue!

Our next meeting was held in a hall, also near to Maureen and Martin and a few years later we moved onto a hall at Noakes Hill in Essex. The committee by this time had grown to twelve in number.

After a few years the hall became a bit run down and on a couple of occasions were unfortunate enough to have to use it after the Bird Fancier Club and the mess was awful ! It was also around this time that Maureen Ankrett decided to step down as Chairman and Chris Amos took over the position. At this point, what with the state of the hall at Noakes Hill and with the Club Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer all living in Kent, we decided we needed a better venue and I found the hall that we use now.

Further changes took place and as there were no longer so many Breeders involved with the club, anew name was suggested and so it became The Welsh Terrier Owners Society or WELTOS as we know it.

Over the years there have been quite a few changes in the format but our club continues to meet the needs of its members , both human and dog with picnics, parties and rambles, not to mention trimming, along with advice when requested!

Here's to another 30 years.


The ceremony's over and the canapés served. Just the meal and drinks to get through. Hope your day is going as well. Best wishes to everyone and congratulations to WELTOS

Chris and Lesley Hurley.(Who couldn't make it but still found time to wish us well)

What can I say, what a fabulous day on Sunday for your 30th Anniversary, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I met some some really nice, like minded people with their Welshies and we even managed a walk in between all the activities.

It goes without saying that to make such a day a success, an awful lot of hard work goes on in the background and yesterday was no exception. I would like to thank you and all the committee for making the day such a fun day and one to look back on with a smile remembering all the Welshies together. I have never seen so many in one place.

Molly slept all the way back and went to bed early as well, so she was clearly tired and full of nosh!

Thank you once again,

With Kind Regards,

Brian and Molly

Morning Pat, hope you're having a rest today.

A big thank you to the team for their hard work in organising yesterday's party. The food was lovely and plenty to go round.

Yet again, Kaye did us proud with a beautiful cake. Thanks Kaye.

The dogs seemed to cope quite well with the heat. Willow wolfed down her frozen yoghurt, probably would have eaten another if I'd let her.

Jan, Nigel & Willow

What a successful day that was. Weather good until the last moments, excellent food and company. Dogs and humans seemed to enjoy Sue's mystery ramble which set us up nicely for the luncheon spread. Angela, Jasmine & Honey and I enjoyed meeting up again with members and needless to say Angela was delighted to win the gorgeous mini Welsh Terrier- now in pride of place here at home.

our thanks to everyone involved in organising this special event-not least yourself Pat.

Best Regards

Ian & Angela

Jan & I just want to say how much we enjoyed the afternoon. From first to last, everything was excellent and a huge thank you to the Chairman, the committee and all helpers and in particular to yourself for all the planning and effort on the day. The ramble was interesting (!) and Kaye's cake looked superb (but we didn't get to taste). Editor's note: What a shame. It was absolutely delicious.

And of course thanks to all our Welshies who make us happy families!

Warm Regards

David and Jan

PS We took two small trifles and and when our backs were turned, Jack jumped up and ate one!!!

Richard, Bertie and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you and everyone involved for all the hard work and organisation needed to make such a successful day. The food was delicious and the company was friendly and fun. Bertie slept all evening, night and all this morning!

Love Sue

What a lovely day we had! A big thank you to all who helped to make the anniversary such a special day. The food was simply delicious and so much of it! We were quite full, but had to make sure that we tried everything! It is such a joy belonging to this special little club and long may it continue.

Our thanks to you all once again.

Pete & Lynn French (&Sophie)

Thank you and the committee very much for the superb 30th Anniversary Party yesterday. It was lovely to see so many delightful Welsh Terriers and their owners enjoying themselves .

We all had a great time.

Best Wishes

Jane, Jack & Ellanora x

The group shots are brilliant - as you say if you look at the detail it's hilarious.

Thank you so much for yours and everyones efforts. The detail for the day was amazing and so much thought had gone into it from the doggie bones to the fantastic food and amazing cakes and it was very much appreciated. So lovely to see so many Welshies of all shapes and sizes coming together. Woody seemed to take a shine to a few of the girls, especially Molly :-)

Sharon's mini Welsh was just brilliant and lovely to see one in all its glory finally and fantastic that we all raised a nice amount for the charity. We were certainly all exhausted when we got home.

Thank again to you, Sue and the wonderful support team.

Nicola, Nathan and Woody

What a lovely day it was yesterday, beautiful food and drinks and plenty of social chatter, not to mention our walk of course, even though our four legged friends were a bit noisy at times. Still, that's all part of it, being their day as well.

Thought you would like to know that the proceeds from the raffle, including "name the dog" amounted to : £267.oo

Just shows how generous our members are.

Janet & Rob Treasurers

Many thanks for a great day and thanks to you for all your hard work.

Best Wishes

Peter and Lorraine

Thanks again for Sunday. Excellent day!

Robert Walsh