Weltos 30th Anniversary!

May 30, 2017

 Members arrived to be offered various drinks options and canapés. Dogs could have a quick spa (paddling pools provided by Robert Walsh and Sue & Richard Foreman)The Magical Mystery tour then took place, led by Sue and Chris.  On their return they were able to partake in the wonderful cold buffet.

Kay provided us with delicious coleslaw and potato salad.  Sandra poached and filleted a whole salmon, which she beautifully presented with cucumber and lemon and also a tomato and mozzarella salad.  There were various cold meats, pies and quiches.  Dogs were treated with home made gluten free biscuits, baked by myself. 

Desserts were amazing.  Sandra ( an amazing cook) made individual pavlovas, Chris knocked up a delightful Panna Cotta. There were choices of red berry cheesecake, a bowl of fresh berries, Sicilian lemon tart, individual mini tarts and a selection of cheese bites with celery.  Dogs were treated to frozen yoghurts made by Kaye. I was so busy that I didn't get any photos of the food but I hope you enjoy the photos that I managed to take.  Thanks to Sue who took a few.

Sue gave us an account of how our club first started.  You can read this on a separate blog.

The winner of the much awaited Mini Welsh Terrier raffle was Angela Murray, who was absolutely thrilled.  

We also had prizes kindly donated by Jane Price , ( Welsh terrier mugs and coasters) Paula Pearce (Weltands free admission)  and someone brought a  Pedigree Chum treats tin. These prizes were won by people whose names were pulled out for naming the Mini Welsh. Names chosen, were Gwen, Meg,Wilf and Hamish!!!

We kept the raffle short as we wanted the day to be about chatting and eating and generally relaxing. Janet & Rob told me that together we all raised £267, for Welsh Terrier rescue, so well done Weltos!  This Wooly Paws Needle Felted  model was made by the amazingly talented Sharon Salt.  We decided to let Sharon name the charity of her choice, as she kindly donated this gorgeous prize and we can't thank her enough.  

The dogs all received a beautiful rosette and their owners a keyring depicting the club logo.  One more big surprise before everyone headed home was the fabulous cake which tasted every bit as good as it looked,  Kaye Attoe you are a wonderful baker.  There's so much talent in this club!


Members chatting after lunch


 Angela Murray, the winner of Mini Welsh 


 Members with their rosettes

Sandra and Malcolm with Bertie 

Nic and Nathan with Woody 

 Ian & Jenny with Eddie, Nigel and Jan with Willow.  The helpers!!!!


Angela, Ian, Jasmine with Honey, Peter & Lorraine with dogs 

 Richard  & Mandy with Kobie and Rosie

 Tony & Kaye with Maisy and Teddy

 Brian & Molly, Jane with Jack & Ellenora

 Jan & David with Jack (the pavlova thief!)

 Chris & Chris with Tallie and Jasper

 Lynn & Pete with Sophie


June with Jack

Bertie Foreman 



 Robert calming his boy

 Sue with Margaret 

Nic with Woody 


 I didn't get a chance to snap Jack and Daisy so I took this one when I got home.


Finally THAT CAKE!!!!!!!!



 And then...




















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