Sunny Ramble

Maisie is looking forward to lunch

Weltos members met at Lullingstone Park for a wonderful ramble through to Shoreham. Once there, they stopped off at the Crown for Sunday lunch. See Below our dogs and owners enjoying their lunch before returning to Lullingstone. A brilliant day out with lovely dogs and their also lovely owners.

Margaret chilling.

Seb being a good boy!

Teddy making the most of a rest!

Bronnie sticking close to mummy!

Jasper and Tallie checking out the restaurant.

Yum yum! Kim enjoying her Peach Melba.

Ruby, Ruby Ruby, woo oo oo oo oo oo! Chris and Deb

Lynn with her baby Sophie.

Captain & Daisy are after some left overs!

Ted going after the treats.

Jack (Morgan) is king of the castle......

Yep, Jack really is king!

Chester and Ralph looking after their dad!

Chester and Ralph only have eyes for Robert!

Maisie exploring the jungle !

Ted knows just how a photo shoot is done!

Margaret cools off in the river.

Time for home!

And by the way, according to my App we all did 10,748 steps!!!!