The New Arrival for the Anniversary Raffle!

The Weltos Anniversary raffle prize arrived this morning! Daisy went mental so whoever wins this gorgeous Mini Welsh should keep it well away from your dogs. Just so you realise this is a MINI Welsh and will sit nicely on a shelf, mantlepiece or in a glass cabinet...out of reach of your beloved pet!

Here are some more photos:

Daisy really wanted to get to know Mini Welsh a lot better but, I promise you, it is now safely back in it's box. I took these last two photos so you can see it's size. Small but incredibly, beautifully crafted.

A massive thanks to Sharon Salt, a brilliant artist and a very generous person. She's even put a lovely little leather collar on our amazing little model. Mini Welsh comes with a certificate of authenticity and instructions on how it was made and how to care for it. Raffle tickets will be available to buy at the Anniversary on 28th May 2017.

So what do you think Mini Welsh should be called? There's a prize for the best name. This will be organised at the Anniversary celebration.