Brighten up your day!

Here is the delightful Molly. I am pleased to say that Brian Robinson has given Molly her new forever home and they are joining Weltos. So a very warm welcome to Brian and Molly from Shepperton. Brian is interested in the trimming sessions so hopefully it won't be too long before we can arrange another one and we get to meet them both.

Here a few more photos of Molly:

Bet Molly is giving this toy what for!

Oh oh! Guess who's found Brian's favourite chair!!!!

Messages to Brian and Molly:

Nicola Gee writes:

Oh she is adorable and so lovely to see photos of her in her new home-it warms my heart. I'm sure Brian will have a lot of fun with her and well done him for giving her this new start. Hope to meet them both at one of the get togethers. x

Mandy Simioni writes:

Molly looks so happy, it's fantastic. So, look forward to meeting her.

Elizabeth Jenyon writes:

So glad Molly has found a new home. :)

Jane Price writes:

Wonderful news that Molly has found a lovely new home with Brian. Lovely for Brian as Molly looks an absolute little treasure! Wishing them all the best and hoping to see more pictures of Molly in the future. Best Wishes.

Susan Cooper writes:

So pleased for Molly. Good luck little girl!

David and Jan Morgan write:

Good for Brian, but may I respectfully suggest that he regains his chair before Molly claims WT ownership rights! Kind Regards.

Kaye Attoe writes:

We're delighted that Molly has a forever home and hope it all works out so she can settle forever, loved by Brian, who has given her a chance of love and happiness.x

So Spring is definitely in the air and Daisy has reverted to puppy antics. I was out walking the other day when she suddenly attacked my shoe laces!! She hasn't done that for ages!

Then my dressing gown got the works! Luckily for me Daisy does leave on command or it would've been curtains for my robe!

Then both dogs had the five minute zoomies and ended up jumping up on to the same chair at exactly the same time! Amazingly nothing happened as in no growling as to who should get off and who should remain. They are like a pair of comedians. Just look at their soppy faces!

Now I've looked a this photo again, I think Jack is doing a brilliant Yoda impersonation! What do you think?

Any way it made me smile, how about you?