The fur flew on Sunday!!

Another happy Weltos trimming session.

Left to right: June Lines, Sue Webster, Rob Hockey and Seb, Jenny Carr, Tony Attoe with Teddie, Kaye Attoe with Maisie, Martin Pennycott , Kay Pennycott with Isla and Jan Chamberlain.

Photos by Patsy Meecham.

It was great to meet Kay and Martin Pennycott again! The last time I saw them was 11 years ago, when they came to a trimming session. They obviously had taken notice of their previous tuition, as Isla just needed the finer points applied to complete the job.

The enthusiasm everyone shows is heart warming. You get so much out of trimming your own dog and of course you save a lot of money as well as keeping an eye on whats going on under all that fur.

Sue and I really enjoyed helping you all.

Jan and Jenny are little marvels in the kitchen, giving up their free time to supply us all with steaming hot cups of tea and coffee as well as dog sitting. Janet Hockey brought a lovely cake, I supplied the gang with my usual shortbread biscuits, shaped like Scottie dogs and big thanks to others who contributed.

Lunch was a delightful affair with us all catching up and enjoying a break from the trimming. All the dogs appreciated the break too! I hope Kay and Martin had a safe journey all the way back to Somerset, via Brighton! June and Ron, had to travel back to Crawley while Kaye and Tony headed home to Thatcham in Berkshire. I should mention our treasurers as well as they hail from Carshalton! What a dedicated bunch.

Here are some photos I took and Sue sent me a couple as well. I think they capture some of the day we all spent making the dogs look dapper!

June & Jack

Kaye & Teddie

Sue teaching Rob with Seb

Martin & Isla

Seb (Last two photos by Sue)


Message from Kaye:

Please pass on thanks to everyone who helped me it was really appreciated.

Message from Kay & Martin Pennycott:

Hi Patsy Couple more photos from Sunday. So lovely to see you and Sue again after so long and to meet all the others. Thank you both for all your help and tips with Isla - she looks lovely now! It was so helpful to refresh our skills on how to hand strip and work on her properly. Should have done it ages ago with Tilly! We so much prefer to do her ourselves than taking her to a groomer. Would recommend anyone to top up their skills at one of your training days ! I think we are lucky with her coat - she seems to have much less curly hair than Tilly. And great news re Molly 🐶 Best wishes Kay and Martin Xxx

I see you remembered to get the Weltos logo in Martin

Now that's a tidy bottom!

I still love you mummy!