I was talking to Sue (Webster) and Chris (Amos) about insurance. I said we have savings as we were fed up with wasting our money. Also when it comes to claiming, apparently there are some insurance companies who are very reluctant to pay out. Our vets have a short list of reliable companies as they have had trouble in the past, claiming money.

However, Chris and Sue informed me about third party insurance. This means if your dog actually caused an accident you would be covered. This type of policy is very reasonable, so I phoned the Dogs Trust who offered me membership and third party insurance for £12.50 per annum, (over 60), £25 (under 60). When I explained that I had two dogs, I was told that it was no problem as the policy covered up to TEN dogs!

So big thank you to Chris and Sue for starting the ball rolling and to David who had meanwhile found the Dogs Trust information. I thought it was worth passing on to others who may not know about this.

Lucy Ward writes :

Hi Pat

We supplement the third party insurance included in Dogs Trust membership with accident cover with Animal Friends. It costs £36 a year and pays up to £15,000 cover if Mouse was injured in an accident.


Judith Berg writes:

Hi Pat

We stopped insuring Katie and Archie when the premiums got silly and probably ended up even in the end. When we stopped it we took out a third party cover. It was then dropped because lots of home insurance policies do cover you for third party. We checked with our insurer and they confirmed we are covered for our dogs. So it is worth checking. Having said that I think anything Dogs Trust get out of it is well worth while.

Re: Dogs Trust. After we got our gps tracker for Evie (aka houdini) I found out you can get them through Dogs Trust. Had I known that at the time I would have got it from them.