Obituary for Sally Poole

Sally, in her younger days, showing at Richmond.

This blog is to celebrate the life and respect the passing of Sally Poole. She was unique and many of us have her affix in our dog's pedigree. Her love for Welsh Terriers shone through.

Her funeral will take place on Friday 24th February 2017, 1.30pm, at the West Berkshire Crematorium, Thatcham, Newbury, Berkshire.

All donations to the Dogs Trust, Newbury.


Patsy Meecham:

On the 2nd of January 1992, my family took the trip to the Alokin Kennels in Beenham for the first time, to meet Sally Poole. She had a six month old dog called George, whom she wanted to find a good home for. His tail wasn't quite right for the show ring and so, luckily for us, we were able to take hime home. George was a wonderful Welsh Terrier who made it to the top class in obedience, did really well at agility and won numerous rosettes in the show ring, even though he had a kink in his tail.

I would always recommend Sally to those people looking for a Welsh terrier puppy, but reminded people not to ring while Coronation Street was on!

RIP Sally. An end of an era.

Here is George (Gerallt Red Chief) at Keston Ponds in his youth. Dam: Gerallt Last Chance.

Sire: Alokin About.

Peter & Lorraine Thompson:

A sad day - as you know both Oscar and Dylan are Alokins.

Lynn French:

So sorry to hear the news about Sally. I know that she had not been very well over the last months but always sad when the news comes. As you say, and end of an era. RIP Sally.

Rachel Pearce:

Very sad day for the breed - true breed stalwart and she'll be very, very missed.

Francesca Taylor:

Thanks for letting us know - very sad. All Maud's litters were from Alokin Touch of Frost.

Kaye Attoe:

I'm very sad to say that neither of my Welsh came from Sally, even though she did live literally 2.5 miles from us and if we had known we would have liked to get to know her, But it is very sad to lose such a lovely lady who loved this breed. If anyone from Weltos does go to the funeral, our house is 2 minutes from the crematorium. If anyone would like to stop off for a cuppa, before they head back, they would be most welcome.

Eileen Pearce:

We had Hattie ( Alokin As Sweet As You Are at Ockingham), our first Welsh Terrier from Sally many years ago. She has been a dear friend ever since. I shall miss her dearly. RIP

Sally and Kevin at ringcraft.

Chris Amos:

Our first ever dog, Welsh Terrier Bracken 19/11/90 was sired by Alokin About Town, (dam, Kanretta Mountain Maiden) and lived until she was almost 17 . I remember Sally coming to one of our summer days when we used to meet in Essex and walking along the line of Welsh Terriers and able to know which ones had Alokin in them just by looking and touching them. More recently, when our son got married in Wasing Park, Aldermaston, we had nowhere to leave Tallie overnight. I rang Sally and started to explain our situation and she interrupted me and asked if I would like her to babysit?! On the day of the wedding we drove to Beenham and left Tallie with Sally for the night. As we caravan, our dogs always come with us for holidays and I worried if Tallie would be alright as we had never left her before. I need not have worried. As she had never been in kennels before Sally took her into her cottage for the night. Tallie wouldn't settle so Sally did no more than take her up to bed with her where they spent the night cuddled up together. I will never forget Sally for her kindness to us and Tallie, also for her love of dogs and the contribution she made to the Welsh Terrier breed . This is a sad time and is indeed, the end of an era. Chris Amos

Sue Webster:

We had our first Welsh Terrier from Sally in 1983, although we bought her as a pet, we showed her, with some success, then went back to Sally and she mated Bonnie to Alokin Activist, we kept a puppy bitch out of the litter, who we called Active Lady, who we also showed. The next Welsh was Lucy (Alokin among friends) We now have Margaret, (Boowire sunrise of Alokin) We have been friends with Sally for over 30 years, when we went to visit her, she always loved to go to the Pub for lunch and a chat, she was a one off, quite a character, her dogs were her life. It was very sad towards the end to see her deteriorate. Sue

Bonnie and Trixie



Enid Southgate:

Sad to hear about Sally,my adored Smudge who died last September was an offspring of Alokin Ageless (Peter) and of course just last November we took Kevin, (Touch of Frost) when Sally went into hospital. Our "rescue dog" has taken over both our home and hearts , we are so pleased to have him. I just hope Sally got our Xmas card with the photo of Kevin settled in Norman's arm chair!, which I sent to reassure her that he had arrived at a loving home. I had been told how much she loved her dogs.

Enid Southgate

The Dogs Trust sent Sue this thank you card for the Weltos donation in memory of Sally Poole.

Rob & Janet Hockey ;

We met Sally at her Beenham Kennels back in 2013 when we went to collect Seb (Alokin All Systems Go). True to his name, he was chasing around in the garden when we got there. She had intended to keep him for stud but things didn't work out in that respect so at eight months he came home with us.

Sally was a lovely lady who cared passionately for her dogs. She will be sadly missed by all her friends, but the Alokin name will continue for years to come. We are eternally grateful to her for the opportunity of taking over Seb, a truly loving dog.

Janet & Robin Hockey

Editors Note: The Alokin name came about because it is an anagram of Sally's middle name Nikola!