Wine loving Welsh's?

Well, it seems our dogs have a penchant for partying!!! What with Owen jumping on the dinner party table, here is Eddie joining in the fun.

Jenny and Ian Carr write:

Hi Patsy Hope all is well with you. Attached is Eddie celebrating discharge from hospital with friends. He has had his last chemo ( we hope). We would like to ask all members to keep just something small crossed in the hope he stays well. All The Best

Jenny, Ian and of course the wee man. PS. No alcohol was consumed in the making of this photo.

Everything is crossed for Eddie!


Sue Webster writes:

Jenny and Ian,

so pleased to hear about Eddie. He is looking amazing. Fingers crossed all will go well, I am sure it will. It's been a long journey, but you got there in the end.


Sandra Kisby writes:

Delighted to see Eddie 'celebrating'. Whenever Bertie and Eddie meet in Greenwich Park, they start growling at each other and under normal circumstances one wouldn't be pleased by this, but it is so wonderful to see little Eddie with his coat restored and full of fighting spirit that we can't help but laugh at their antics. Well done to Jenny and Ian, he couldn't have wished for more wonderful caring 'parents'.