Tallie & Jasper go to Suffolk!

We've had a lovely break here in picturesque Suffolk. The site we stayed on is right next door to Suffolk Wildlife Park. Nights were accompanied by roaring lions, screeching monkeys and lots of owl calls. Strangely, it didn't bother either us or the dogs. The photo is at the end of the week when we took the awning down.....just in time to put it away before a swarm of ladybirds descended upon us. They really spooked Jasper (you can hear their wings) and the birds went into a feeding frenzy. Just got to make sure none are hibernating in the caravan before we put it to bed for the winter! Chris, Chris, Tallie and Jasper

Editors Note: We found that Owls are really noisy at night when camping. In fact one decided to land on our motorhome roof and was clobbering about on the skylight! Although it woke us up, it didn't bother us.

I've found a couple of ladybirds in my car and on the odd window ledge! Oh I wonder if that's why there were hundreds of parakeets on our neighbour's roof? They looked like they were feeding on something!