Puppy Jasper's first trip!

Chris Amos writes:

Jasper's first holiday was a trip to Corfe, Dorset. It was the first long journey for him and as you can see he snuggled up with Tallie in their crate and both were very good although when we got them out of the car we discovered that Jasper had been chewing Tallies' leather collar! Fortunately I always have a spare collar and lead in the car. We weren't sure how Jasper would be in the caravan and awning but he was very good. All my dogs are trained not to toilet on site, including a wee as no one wants a dog cocking his leg on their unit or to pitch a tent where a bitch has been so it's a rapid walk off site with the command " off site!" Which both dogs managed very well. We had one night when it rained which totally unnerved him as he's never heard rain on a caravan roof before so he hid under our bed for a few minutes until he knew it was nothing to worry about. He also raised the alarm before Tallie when a badger decided to raid our awning in the middle of the night! We had some lovely days out including a trip to Swanage and on another venture I couldn't resist taking a photo of this charming village sign we came across! Don't think I'll be moving to this village no matter how lovely it is! Next trip is in October to Kessingland, Suffolk next to the Wild Life Park. Should be interesting! :-) Chris

Editors Note: The Meechams have been converted to the joys of camping. One evening we had an Owl galloping about on the skylight! We found our two adapted very well to the motorhome. Long may it last!

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