Trosley Ramble 11th September

Write up by Jan Chamberlain:

The ramble went well.

The day started with a beautiful blue sky, luckily the walk at Trosley is mainly in the woodland, so we were not in the sun too much.We gathered at the cafe before we started walking, then we set off at 11.30am. For those that don't know Trosley, there are three routes. We took the red route which is flat, so easy under foot. There are a couple of viewing areas where we could look across Kent, such a good view on Sunday. Old Meg managed the walk and was rewarded at lunch time.

Back at the cafe we had doorstop sausage sandwiches, quality bangers, they were to die for.The dogs had homemade biscuits, they also said they were to die for. Dogs could have had a doggy sausage but we opted for the biscuit.

Trosley is a good place to go walking, but like any woodland can be muddy after heavy rain.

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