Puppy Bumper!

Daisy sporting her new fashion item, the puppy bumper!

Hope you've all been enjoying your summer holidays. August and early September is always busy for the Meechams as we have a lot of birthdays and celebrations coming up then. Whenever we have lots of people round our main concern is always the dogs.

Firstly we have to remind people to always keep the side door closed and no, please do NOT share your grapes with the dogs, no matter how cute they are!

But just recently, Daisy has realised that the elderly lady next door, regularly throws large chunks of leftover loaves on her lawn.

Tunneling has always been Daisy's forte but now she's added biting through chain link fence to her CV!

David has been at his wits end, constantly repairing the damaged fence and each time telling me that "she won't get through this time!" It's a constant worry. At night she is let out with a big, bright pink flashing collar, so that I can see exactly where she is in the undergrowth.

One night I had a dream that if only I could put something round her neck that would actually prevent her from getting through the fence. I actually thought of a replica of one of those neck pillows that you put round your neck whilst flying. However, someone had already beaten me to it!

This is when I discovered the PUPPY BUMPER!

Daisy doesn't seem to mind wearing it and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it works!

Meanwhile Jack wanted to eat it! I think they are partners in crime! Jack is quite happy to laze around all day, only stirring if he thinks there's an intruder in the garden. So fingers and paws crossed that it works!

By the way, just a little tip if your dog gets stung by a wasp. They do not leave a sting, so if you see your dog tearing at his paw etc, which seems like for no reason, it could be that he/she's been stung. Quickly apply a cube of ice for 5 minutes, followed by a dab of baking powder or those soda crystals we used to buy in packets years ago. Repeat every 5 minutes until pain has gone.

Daisy spends her days trying to catch and eat wasps so it was inevitable that this would happen at some point. We applied the ice cube and that did the trick.