Ramble to Shoreham Sunday 28th August 2016

Photos by Sue Webster

Photos by Kim Brophy

Hi Pat

Hope you are all well – sorry you couldn’t make Sunday at Lullingston. We had a great time and a lovely lunch.

Lynn French

Afternoon Pat,

Sundays ramble went well.For the main part of the walk the weather was kind to us. It was cooler than the previous few days, which was bonus. About 2/3rds into our walk through the fields, we had some rain. You could see it coming towards us. Luckily we took shelter in the trees at the end of the river before going to the pub for lunch. Big Meg went to the pub in the car as it's too far for her now.

As usual the food was great, such a good menu. Some found it hard to choose what to have.The puddings looked great, I did resist.The meal passed peacefully only a few mumbles from the dogs, probably because they're too close to each other and there is food involved. We couldn't sit in the garden as it was too wet. Another time maybe.

We stopped by the river on the way back for our usual photoshoot. Chris took puppy Jasper back the shorter route as he was getting tired. He did very well on his first Weltos ramble, as the photos show, he's lovely.

Back at Lullingstone we had our coffees. All was well until Bronnie and Margaret had a bundle, the teas and coffee flew over John and Chris. I think John is getting used to having the drinks go over him now. But overall the day went well. Editors note: I think you should take out a pac a mac with you John!

Roll on the next ramble at Trosley. Fingers crossed for the weather. It's a wooded walk so Meg might be able to do some or all of it.

Jan Chamberlain

PS: A little footnote about the ramble. As we were leaving the pub on Sunday, we were just going to turn the corner and we had a surprise. A man with a Welsh terrier suddenly appeared. The look on the man's face was priceless. His group was visiting the area and was quite surprised to hear about the club. A young girl in his party had to take a photo of all the dogs. His Welsh was 2yrs old and came from the same breeder as young Jasper. It would have been funny if they had come in the pub while we were still in there. Hope they enjoyed their lunch as much as we all did.