OAP dogs need retirement home!

Molly & Elvis pictured above are in desperate need of a home to spend the rest of their retirement.

All details can be obtained from: www.terriersos.com

Steve Warne writes:

Hi Pat

That's really sad :-(

As you say taking on these dogs at their age and health complications is a lot to ask even before considering the risk of heavy vet bills.

Just a thought - perhaps we could offer a scheme where club members have the option to pay an extra £10 with their subs that would go into a fund specifically to help out adopters with the vet fees for existing conditions for older dogs. This might allow more people to consider taking on the older/infirm WTs. There would need to be some rules about the % of the fund that could be awarded to any particular dog per annum. Think of it like a virtual adopter role or something like that.



Nicola Gee writes:

Oh crikey Patsy - this is so sad. It breaks my heart and must be so painful for her.

Lets hope they find a great home soon. Well done for sharing. I would take them all if I could :-/ xx

Kind regards


Rachel Pearce writes:

Hi Pat I saw these yesterday.

Is the owner in good health?

I would have thought that two golden oldies would have coped with the move even without a garden if they had regular walks and a 'doggy area' in the new place????

Just wondering if they've really considered all the options ....

Sandra Kisby writes:

Oh how terribly sad. They will need a lot of love especially Molly.

If by any possibilty I outlasted my Bertie I often wonder how I would manage without a WT in my life and thought I would take on an elderly rescue to grow old together. I am really hoping that if I feel like that then there will be another old girl/old boy out that that feels the same.

Thanks to EVERYONE for all the help with Bertie and his ears. I have digested all the info and he is now on Garlic and Fenugreek tabs, oatmeal shampoo for his feet and legs after EVERY walk and another go at Apoquel for 2 weeks. Most importantly after a long chat with Kim, (owned by Bronwen) I have a Vet Dermatologist and a list of medications that proved effective for Bronnie. I have made an appointment with my Vet- without Bertie- to discuss with her putting Bertie on the same regime as Bronwen and she can consult with Sarah (Vet Derm) on a professional Vet to Vet basis. My Vet is excellent and very open to receiving advice, she will be interested in Bronwens cure as neither she nor I want Bertie on steriods - which do work - and she has come to the end of her suggestions other than steroids. His feet chewing is much improved but still got hot ears and head shaking to cure.

I am looking forward to hearing that a good home has been found for Elvis and Molly, it is heart breaking.

Sandra x

Hi Patsy

Really sad to hear about these 2 dogs - do you know where they live as I know a pair near us (one called Elvis) in Welling - sadly we couldn't take them with Aoife and Geoff the cat - think it would be carnage

Tim Dale

Editors note: I'm not sure where the owner is located now. The last time I knew of her whereabouts , was when she lived in Wales.

I think that it is a really brilliant idea to have a fund for golden oldies in need. I would sign up for that immediately, and would be happy to make the WT Golden Oldies Fund the recipient of my Christmas Animal Charity donation as well.

I once funded the food and vet bills for an elderly Jack Russell who had been beaten and very cruelly treated. The lady who homed him was great but concerned about food and vet bills, he lived another 10 years very happily and died in his sleep aged 18! As it happened I only paid his food bills as he was ok to the end. So this kind of arrangement can work. Well done for thinking of it. (Steve Warne)

I have told everyone in Greenwich Park of their plight including my friend Suzanna who has moved to sheltered accommodation in a second floor flat with her Lakeland Hugo and the problems she anticipated have proved to be groundless. So I do agree with the suggestion that the owner thinks it through very carefully.


Oh dear, a very sad tale.I do hope there is a happy out come to this story.

Such a shame for 2 little old age pensioner Welshes. Maybe they would cope very well with a move to a flat,as they would still have their trusted owners with them.There's no real answer to this one is there?

Jan Chamberlain