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David, Daisy, Jack and myself, did a ramble past the beautiful Lavender Fields last Wednesday. At times there was rain in the air but it was much needed as it was very muggy. For those of you who have the health app on your phone, we did just over 8,000 steps there and back.

Sue wants to do this ramble again as a couple of members wanted to see the Lavender Fields. To see all details of this ramble simply click on: Events Page

I have been reliably informed that the cropping of the lavender starts today. They cannot tell me how long this will take but it seems unlikely that there will be any left to see on the 28th. But you never know, fingers crossed!

David and I were thinking of going to Hythe at some point. We will let you know if and when.

Jan Chamberlain replies :

That's funny Nigel,Meg,Willow and myself were at Lullingstone yesterday.We stayed in the country park doing the woodland walk, but admiring the lavender field from the top of the hill. Meg did well, but I think she's tired today.We too had a little rain, as soon as we pulled in the car park it drizzled with rain.We waited for it to stop before starting our walk.

The wild meadow changes each time we walk up the hill, different plants flowering every few weeks.

See you soon


A lovely piece of news from Jane Price:

This is hilarious! Found it on MSN. Welsh Terrier causing mischief at the Houses of Parliament!!!!!

Jane P x

David Morgan Writes:

Just read the article in The Times. It is in fact the dog of the new chancellor of the exchequer and is indeed a Welsh! I wonder whether it voted in or out?

Kind regards David