Harness or Collar?

I received a message from Kay Pennycott with all her latest news about puppy Isla, but also asking if anyone can recommend a nice harness. We have had this before, but it's nice to refresh ideas. Here's what Kay has to say:

Hi Patsy,

Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the lovely summer weather? (Editor's note: Well it's certainly changed during the last couple of days! It's over 90 degrees in the shade in my garden today!!!!)

Isla is doing really well - 6 months old now and looking quite big and grown up! Couple of photos attached. We took her on a trip to London at the end of June (a huge socialisation trip - on a train from bath and a London bus for the first time, all in the busy London noise and her first fountain too!); helping in the garden - bricks in place to stop the wood being chewed from the parasol base but she found something else to chew instead!!; a bit of football; and observing the cows in the field behind the house. See more photos below.

I wondered if anyone can recommend a good harness to use? We bought a "Simply Comfortable" harness when she was younger and that has worked well but not sure about the buckles which are very close to her "armpits" so am wondering if it will rub and irritate her over time. We only used a collar for Tilly so not so experienced with harnesses but trainer really recommends using one. (Editors note: That seems to be the trend nowadays. Reason being that collars can harm the throat when dogs pull)

Best wishes


Don't forget, please do not take your dogs out in your car in this weather and even more importantly do not leave dogs in your car. Keep water bowls refreshed. Enjoy the sun but be careful!

The frozen Frozzy yoghurts are handy in this weather.

Sandra Kisby writes:

I have a great harness for Bertie which came from Pets at Home unfortunately it does not have a name on it but it works by Bertie stepping into 2 loops for front legs that are then adjusted to a comfortable fit by pushing a small button and pulling upwards. The underarm loops and very soft and cushioned by felt covering as well and the beauty of it is that it is fully adjustable to fit your dog's personal shape. The top part has a metal loop for lead and also works for a car harness which I bought together with it and the harness clip simply attaches onto it without having to remove the lead or harness. Bertie has HATED every harness apart from this one. It retails at £23 something and was recommended by his Groomer as the best on the market. I am going to Pets at Home tomorrow - it is his 3rd birthday - to purchase a squeeky present which will last until he is 3 years and half a day! I will see if I can spot it and get the name-probably less to buy online.

Happy Birthday Bertie from all of us at Weltos! xxxx

Thanks to Sandra - sounds like a great option so would be great to get the make