Freddy's French Holiday!

Hi Patsy,

Freddie has just returned from his first overseas holiday, having got his passport earlier this year. A five hour crossing from Portsmouth to Caen (7 hours coming back including the hour difference!) followed by a 240 mile journey to the caravan site was probably not the best introduction! At least we broke the journey with regular comfort breaks - more for Freddies benefit than ours!

Once on site, he was in his element and fully enjoyed checking his new walks and town visits. He also went into "super-excited" mode whenever we were on a beach. Those where dogs were allowed tended to be large bays with both soft and firm sand. The attached pic was when he saw a kite being flown by a young girl. He has this things about kites - not sure if wants to grab them or get up there flying with them!

Another highlight was on the last comfort break of the journey home when we stopped at a motorway "aire" or rest halt. While walking around the open grassland, we encountered another Welsh! Owned by a Frenchman and she was 2 years old. They had a great time together for a few minutes!


Peter & Joan Cooper