New kid on the block! Go Wales!

Received these photos from Chris Amos. Apparently Jasper came on Saturday to annoy Tallie.

Is he cute or what? Where does he hail from Chris? Welcome little one!

Hi Pat, looks like I sent the message before I finished writing it. Probably got interrupted by a certain puppy! Jasper is Kebulak All That Jazz. Absolutely delighted with him and he's certainly keeping us on our toes. Very good so far at night and the toilet training is going well too. Very early days at the moment but he and Tallie have played together on her terms but she does object when he nips her tail and back legs! Chris

What a little cutie,you forget how black their faces are when they are puppies.Can't wait for a cuddle.

Bad luck Wales,you did us proud.I sure my Dad was looking down on them singing with the red t-shirt brigade.They can go home with their heads held high.

Jan Chamberlain

Go Wales! Good luck Gareth Bale and co for tonight's footie!

Hi Patsy Here are a couple of photos of my two with floury faces, ever the vacuum cleaners!!! & both of them asleep on our bed taking up the whole thing, just as well its daytime, & there are their beds at night or we would be on the floor! Take care, hope to see you soon! Kaye