Welsh Terriers/Football/TV

With all the excitement going on, we mustn't forget to have those Sunday snuggles with our dogs. Daisy is only too happy to oblige Neile!

Didn't Wales do well in the football? A brilliant match to have watched. Well done Wales. Gareth Bale can do no wrong!

Heard from Jan Chamberlain before Wales played their wonderful match:

Another dreary day,when will summer arrive? Yet again we've been caught in the rain. It's more like May than July.

We took the dogs to the vets today for their flea and worming treatment, saw a lovely Polish vet, She checked Meg over, doing well considering her age. Then when she checked over Willow, she said she had had a welsh terrier some 20 years ago back in Poland. She said that there were not many in the country as there were only a few breeders. So Willow got plenty of cuddles and treats from the vet. Damn it we still got a bill.

Hope alls well with you and yours.Fingers crossed for the Welsh footie team tonight.


Also heard from ex member Marion Cherry, who wrote me a wonderful letter in memory of her Welsh terrier Bilbo. It's fantastic of people to still keep in touch.

Jane Price writes:

Hi Pat,

Hope you and the family are well.

My computer has had a lot of problems recently including losing Incredimail together with all my friends e mail addresses!

Wanted to draw your attention to the number of Welsh terriers under a year old that are up for sale?! There are three on Gumtree at the moment. There are two boys (both called Jack) one is a year old and the other is 9 months old both from different homes. There is also a little girl called Tilly who is 9 months old.

Barrie and I are very tempted with one of the little boys ?!

If you get time, check out Gumtree?

Best wishes,


Kay Attoe has been in touch asking when the next ramble is and hoping for a Saturday as Tony is away and can only manage a Saturday rather than a Sunday. I hope Tim will have something planned soon.

Watch this space.

Back to Jan Chamberlain:


Did anyone spot the Welshie on Country file last night? It was filmed in Pembrokeshire. The dog appeared in the last part when they were at the pub ( funny that a Welsh at the pub) There amongst the people on the quayside was a Welsh terrier in someones arms.

It's a lovely part of Wales similar to Cornwall only not as expensive and touristy.You can walk for miles and not see a soul.


Our member Karen Fortune lives in Pembrokeshire, I wonder if she knows this person?

I've heard through the grapevine, there's a new kid on the block. Any photos or news please?