Ramble 12th June 2016

When will they open?

Sue Webster organised a ramble in lieu of the Summer Picnic. Whilst many of Her Majesty's subjects all over England were celebrating her 90th, Weltos ramblers braved the rain to ramble through Lullingstone Park to the Crown at Shoreham. I can only imagine their shock when finding the closed sign on the pub door when they arrived! All was well in the end though!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

We started the ramble a little late as one of the lanes to Lullingstone was closed so some had to find another route.

We all set off in the rain, luckily it wasn't cold. We were joined by two smashing young guy's and their Welsh terrier Dolly aged 12 ( looking very good for her age!)

Some of the lavender in the fields was in flower, the rest maybe a couple of weeks behind. We of course got to the pub for opening time. The rain had stopped by this time but we were all muddy and ready to have lunch. As usual the food was good, from the roast dinners to the fish (brill!) I think everyone enjoyed it.

The dogs all behaved themselves, Margaret had a bark and Willow was humming to self but that's normal for these two. Poor Seb was sick, I think it was too much veg. Might have been the mange tout that did it.

On the way back to Lullingstone we stopped at the river for the dogs to have a paddle. We have some real water babies in the group.Willow was last in with my help.Then back to Lullingstone for coffee in the afternoon sun.

Big Meg (Airedale) didn't do the walk. Nigel took her round the field at Lullingstone then to the pub in the car, so they didn't miss out altogether.

It was a good day and we may have a new member.

All photos by Sue Webster