It's a small world after all!

Bertie Kisby

Sandra Kisby writes:

Bertie and I meet a lot of people on the beach in West Runton, Norfolk and they ALL ask about Bertie and what breed he is. When I was there last Easter it was no different.

I went back last week with him and we were just coming out of the footpath at East Runton when across the road I spotted a tiny bundle of black fur with a tell tale tan strip up the back of the tail.

I hurried over and was greeted by Joy and Stephen Chapman from Nottingham, with the cry "It's Bertie Bonzo"!!

I had no memory of this lovely couple. They had returned to the area and were staying at the Caravan Park. It transpired that we had met on the beach at Easter and they had fallen in love with Bertie (who must have been having a good day in terms of behaviour!) and after my description of owning Bertie, had set their heart on acquiring a WT. Baby Brock-named because WTs were used for badger hunting- was 13 weeks and came from a breeder caller Averis. The Chamberlains (Jan & Nigel) acquired Willow from there.

They were a bit "surprised" at his desire for trousers legs and soft furnishing, I guess I omitted that info when I was praising the breed at Easter. The chances of us both coinciding our holidays again and meeting, not even at West Runton but East Runton, must be pretty small. I am hoping they will join WELTOS as even if they can't attend the meetings there is a wealth of help and information on the website and I am sure they would like to read the unvarnished truth about owning a baby WT by reading my "cries for help" emails to Pat when Bertie was that age- I look back fondly at those days and he was and is worth every moment. ( Editors note: Absolutely!!!!)

Lynn French Writes:

It's true that it's a small world. Just got back from Greece yesterday. One evening we were sitting at a beachside bar having our pre-dinner drinks when who should walk by but a man with a WT! Of course, couldn't let the opportunity pass by without saying hello. They were from the Netherlands and he was 1 year old - Girond was his name and they had driven all the way from Holland. Didn't have camera so couldn't take a photo but he was a beautiful boy. Yesterday, whilst waiting at Kalamata airport to fly home , we met another Welshie! She was called Alys and was 8 months old - a Felstead. Her owners come from South Wales and have a holiday home in Greece - they were at the airport to meet some friends. So, although I didn't have my Sophie with us (she was in a lovely kennels in Deal) I did have my Welshie fix during the week!

Lynn French

Jenny Carr sent me this:

Here is a birthday card a friend has sent me. She must have seen Eddie's big ears.

That is sooo funny Jenny! We all hope you had a great birthday x

Both Jane Price and Judith Berg alerted me to the fact that on Saturday, the Telegraph had some great photos of a Welsh terrier in the Garden Section.

Journalist Tim Richardson and his Welsh terrier Lil, sniff out the best gardens to visit!