Lovely Weekend

Had a very nice weekend whereby we did lots of doggy retail therapy in Sevenoaks, followed by a great walk and then it was time for a quick drink at the pub before returning home. The dogs were a massive hit in Barkers!

Also having a lovely weekend was Judith Berg who writes about fond memories of Welsh terrier Katie:

We had a lovely time at the weekend when I found a box of doggie photos (lots of them!) which we went through. They brought back wonderful memories of Katie throughout her life – when we entered her for the WT Club show at Shenstone and she was disgusted that there wasn’t a country walk at the end of a long drive, doing her stuff at Discover Dogs, not to mention the Weltos picnics and parties, etc., etc. If you would like to put a notice out, please go ahead.

We got a late booking in one of the Penrice Castle Cottages for May Bank Holiday week and getting away did us all good. Going somewhere familiar and comfortable was what we all needed and it helped Archie build up his self confidence. We are sorry the picnic had to be cancelled because we could have come with just Archie and it would have been great to see everyone again.

Seeing what Daisy and Captn Jack get up to always reminds me of our two. The girls are always the bossy ones and the laid back, affable boys follow on.

Sylvia Turner sent me a lovely photo of Owen:

What a virtuous boy - Owen does dusting! (Editor's Note: He's welcome to my house anytime !)

Happy times


Jan Chamberlain writes:


My operation was cancelled last night. So I am waiting again, it will probably now be at Kings College instead of Orpington hospital. Double blast.

We had already said we would go out today, so we went to Lullingstone Country Park. Did a shorter route, not so strenuous for Meg. Out up the hill and down to the castle and along the river. It was lovely and quite quiet until we came across a party of school children. I think the teacher was noisier than the kids.Wherever we go at this time of year there are parties of school children. Lucky things being out instead of being stuck in a classroom.