Catching up with member's mails.

Neile gets lovely cuddles from The Captain and Daisy

I may have landed a couple of weeks ago, and helped run a trimming day since the return, but that was just my body! My head was still in Vegas! It's a wonder the dog's heads didn't get shaped like gambling dice!! Our dogs were so pleased to see us, what a welcome they gave!

E-mail from Jan Chamberlain, shows it's nice to meet up with friends made through Weltos.


Just had a lovely walk in Greenwich Park. It is at it's best this weather. Bumped into Sandra and Welsh terrier Bertie.

We had a slow walk around with Meg and Willow and had coffee overlooking the river.The view over the Thames and the City was very clear today. 'People Watching' should become a sport.


Meanwhile Kaye Attoe made a trip to her nearest Barker store:

Hi, Loved Barkers, although I thought they could fit much more into the store than they had! I managed to come back with a nice blanket grey in colour with a red bone on the corner so it's unisex!!! Unfortunately I forgot to use my discount card when I paid, then we left ( Editors note: I gave out some discount cards at the trimming session) our shopping there until we left Marlow as the Frozzys would melt, which was fine until we got to our friend's house in Maidenhead to drop off some baby gifts, when we realised we had left everything we bought in Barkers in the shop in Marlow & forgotten to pick it up!!! So after having a cuppa we went back to Marlow to pick up our shopping before heading back home to Newbury! By the way the discount cards only work in Kent, not in any other branch, but because the lady felt sorry for us, she gave us one of their cards for Marlow! When we got home we thought it would be nice to let the dogs share a pot of Frozzys, so we cut it in half, (Editor's note: Mine get one each!!) Maisie took about 2-3 minutes to eat the lot, before running over to Teddy to try to steal his half! Unfortunately Teddy wasn't sharing or giving up any of his Frozzy & I was left to try and placate greedy Maisie from causing world war 3. Needless to say they were a stunning hit! Plus I have 3 packs of 4 in the freezer to keep us going for a while!!

(Frozzys are lactose free frozen yoghurts for dogs) Just before I go, I finally managed to get Maisie's blood results back today, & it would appear she is allergic to chicken & venison. Nothing else like dust mites, grain or anything else showed up. What I thought was hilarious was that when the natures menu lady came at the Christmas Party, she suggested to me that as Maisie was still itchy to put her onto the venison & blueberry as this would be the least allergic of the foods choice! Also, our vet said that it's very unusual for venison to show up as an allergy & he hasn' t seen it before!!!!!! Don't you just find this appropriate for our family? We never have anything simple or run of the mill, it always has to be the most unusual or unheard of problem! Needless to say Maisie had Teddy's dinner tonight & Teddy had to have Maisie's till I get to the pet shop again tommorow! Still at least we now know, & this will maybe help her be far less itchy. Hope you have a lovely weekend, I have a very busy weekend planned with Teddy on various walks all over the weekend to try to work on his issues, & Maisie, bless her. has to fit in with Tony, which she is more than happy with as she's quite happy to do less than Teddy. (Lazy Maisie!) Kaye

Jan spotted this:


We were catching up with programmes we had recorded last night. One prog. was called Vet on the hill (More4 or E4)They were filming a dog having chemo at the vet college. Guess who was in the waiting room? Jenny and Ian Carr, it was a quick shot of them, but a good shot of Eddie. Sadly the series finished last Monday. It might be on catch up.