St George's Day Ramble

St George's Day saw us traverse Kent to meet some fellow Welsh Terrier owners for the first time. Arriving near to the start location, with enough time to grab a quick snack and cup of coffee, we met up with the rest of the group. It was great to receive such warm greetings from everyone and especially for Freddie to receive high praise as a WT. The walk along the prom to Whitstable was an easy jaunter with all the dogs getting on well with each other. We were really only interrupted by a group of cyclists that must have been on some sort of charity ride as the were all dressed as knights - but I didn't see if there was a dragon leading the way! Although the weather was cool and blowy, it hadn't seemed too bad, until that is, we were heading for the lunch hotel when mother nature decided to throw hailstones at us for about 10 minutes. It was good to get in the warm and dry of the hotel for that bite to eat, of some fairly delicious food. Thankfully Freddie was well behaved (much to our surprise) and lay down under Joan's chair, after being given his lunch, while we ate. It bodes well for any other time we need to take him indoors like that again. Now we look forward to the trimming day and had thought about coming to the Summer Picnic, but that happens to be on the day before we leave for a holiday in France and Freddie's first long ferry journey.

Peter & Joan Cooper

Have a great day Patsy and regards to everyone.

Our daughter is running London Marathon and we are going to watch from Docklands.

She has raised nearly £8000 (incGift Aid) for her local branch of RSPCA.

She has 3 rescue dogs but no WT!

Kind Regards

David Morgan


Glad the walk went well. Looks like you had typical north Kent weather.When my mum lived in Birchington it was always blowy weather. Gods own tumble dryer. Always a bad hair day.

Just to give you the heads up, my foot operation is planned for the 27th May( fingers crossed) so I'll be out of action for the summer picnic. I'll be there, but not able to get around as usual.You might like to put it out there for some help.

Jan Chamberlain

I was a curate in Whitstable in the 90's and have many happy memories. At the time I had two Jack russells and our morning walk on the beach was wonderful. Also the fish restaurants were v. good. Photos brought back happy memories.

Greetings from Owen and Sylvia Turner