Welsh Terrier Rescue Appeal

It was shocking to read about Boris, the Welsh terrier who is in desperate need of a loving home. Alys's owners (seen above) sent me this e-mail:

We get really upset when we read about dogs like Boris. No dog should have to live like this. We had a rescued Airedale kept in very similar conditions. After a lot of very serious and expensive counselling, and work, she became a lovely dog, with just a hang up with other dogs, except our Murray. She loved him. Sadly she died of cancer after just 3 years with us, but they were the best years of her life.

Sorry to burden you with this. You started it !

Chris & Lesley


Please let us know how Boris gets on.

Daisy the rescue is on the left, Murray on the right. Bracken came first though!

Lucy Ward e-mailed saying she'd rehome Boris tomorrow if she could!

Sue writes:

Let's hope Boris finds his new forever Home . I don't know how people can treat dogs this way, to shut him in a utility room, without any interaction with people.