Another obituary/Teeth management

I received an email from former member Evelyn Jennings. We are having to say good bye to a lot of our older dogs recently. Although they are no longer members, Evelyn felt she had to let me and others know that WT Jack had passed over the rainbow bridge. She writes:

Dear Pat, I don't know if you remember me, but I am sure you will have remembered Jack. Sadly we had to put him to sleep last Monday, he caught an infection and just went downhill, he was 15 years old so I think he had done well. He was the most loving dog and we shall miss terribly. Hope you are well, and the club is still going strong. If you see Alexandra Witmond, perhaps you could pass on this message. Fondest memories, Evelyn Jennings

David Morgan was worried about the amount of plaque that his WT Jack was experiencing on his teeth. He writes:

Could you help me please. Jack is fit and well and a bundle of energy (age 3). He has ,however,bad plaque on his teeth and is going to have it removed by vet under anaesthetic . His feed is Barking Heads TLC. Any views on what feed might restrict plaque going forward -in addition to regular cleaning? Kind Regards David Morgan

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I have since found a lovely shop called Barkers, in Sevenoaks and they sell all types of raw frozen food as well as Lily's Kitchen and other well known products, along with Frozzy lactose free frozen yoghurts for your dogs and small frozen marrowbones! Perfect. Click on the link to see if there's branch near you:

The girl at the till gave me some cards with 10% discount to be used by June 2016. If anyone wants one, just give me a shout and I'll pop one in the post to you.

Meanwhile David wanted you all to read this:

Just wanted to say thank you to members for their prompt , helpful and friendly responses. Will report back in a few months with action taken and results! Kind Regards David, Jan and Jack