Happy Easter and welcome little Isla

Kay and Martin Pennycott recently had to say goodbye to their beloved WT Tilly, but it looks like they are going to have a very Happy Easter. To see why, read on:

Here are a couple of photos of Isla - she is settling in nicely. She was very well socialised at the breeders so she has had a good start. As you know it was very unexpected that she was available and we had a hell of a long drive to get her but I think she will be great fun - you can already see her little character developing. We have fenced part of the garden off but she is already looking longingly at the wider garden and is desperate to get out there and explore. Think she will be a little minx :0)

Thanks for all your help and advice as ever.

Kind regards

Kay and Martin

Weltos welcome little Isla and look forward to hearing about all the future mischief !