Meet Freddie/Crufts Results

Freddie Cooper

I received a lovely message from new members Peter and Joan Cooper:

Thanks for the welcome. All being well, we plan to come on the St Georges day ramble and introduce Freddie to some of his compatriots. Freddie is a rescue and was 3 when when collected him 4 years ago. He was originally described as a Lakeland, but after being chastised by our vet about his weight, we have since confirmed that he is indeed a Welsh! He has corneal scarring, so not quite sure what his vision is like and he still does take kindly to any frontal approach over his head! A difficult 18 months followed of socialising him and getting him to be happy in human company. Now he is a totally changed character and is happy meeting dogs of his own size - he still has issues with big ones or bouncy ones - and is more than happy to have humans make a fuss of him. He is a great fruit eater and will drool copiously if an apple, pear, banana, or clementine is in the vicinity - something we have not seen in any other dog we have owned. He is also very good about food and on one occasion left a cooked chicken totally untouched and within 18 inches of his face! Kind regards Peter & Joan Cooper


Best of Breed went to: SAREDON JUDGEMENT DAY (Dog)


I only took two photos and would you believe the winner is in each frame! It's the dog on your left. I had to leave before the end result so that was spooky!