Happy Friday!

We drove to Horley yesterday, to keep an appointment for Jack's collection. We had promised Rachel, Jack's breeder, that we would have Jack's sperm collected, for the good of the breed. He comes from an excellent line and it would be a shame if it came to an end.

I must admit that both David and I knew very little about this, only what I'd managed to google. So off we went and found the premises only after a phone call, as it was situated down a farm lane. In the photo above, Jack is getting to know his teaser bitch. She was wonderfully patient and Jack was so happy that his tail was a blur!

Everything went smoothly and Jack was a gentleman and a star! The guy in charge was very impressed with Jack. He mentioned that he had "presence and was very well muscled up."

It was a most amazing experience. The more I learn about breeding, the more I realise what a very specialised area it is and not for the faint hearted. You really have to know what you're doing, so hats off to all those who have bred successful and healthy litters.

Meanwhile Jack had a very good night and slept soundly......and Daisy continues to keep squirrell watch!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. x

Morning Jack,

Having read your news I feel you must be told, that when you go to visit the dog doctor sometime soon,You may come home with some bits missing. Don't worry you will soon recover, it will be better for you in the long run, health wise I mean.

With love

Willow, Meg and Jan(your Discover Dogs minder)