News from members

Happy Monday Morning Everyone,

Jenny Carr sent me an e-mail saying that Eddie is back from hospital and is doing fine.

Well done Eddie! Hope to see you at the next ramble.

Jane Price Writes:

Saw an advert on Pets4homes!! Seems to be from the same kennels that we dicussed last year.

At least there are only two little pups for sale this time!

Loving the blog and what fabulous photos !

Have you read the latest in the Huffington Post that an evil dog hater is putting sausages containing nails etc in various dog walking areas notably the Manchester area.

Hope that you and the family are well?!


Thanks for that Jane. I for one hadn't seen the Huffington Post article, or the Pest4homes advert, so it's always good that someone spots these things!

A chap who talked to me at Discover Dogs in 2014 has been in contact with me to help him find a Welsh terrier puppy. He has spent the last year researching the breed and he and his wife can now work from home, so the time is right. He has had the good fortune to have found a puppy and hopefully will join Weltos. Anyone living near the Kings Road, watch out for new WT puppy in the near future!

With the Oscars dominating the news, I just couldn't resist sharing this:

If you would like to add to the list of things to thank mum for, I would be happy to add them!