What's happened to the microchip?

David Morgan sent me an e-mail this morning for the blog:

I took Jack to register with a new vet yesterday. As part of the process, they checked that my assertion that he was indeed microchipped. Nothing on the scan! Despite the fact that Jack was chipped on 7th August 2013 by a very reputable practice, no sign of the chip! (chip registered with Petlog Premium on 14th August 2013). Apparently, it may not have been in operation since that date. Query--did the vet check on the day of insertion that it was in place? Going back to original vet this coming week and will report what they have to say. Fortunately spotted ahead of legal deadline and of course before we might lose him. Kind Regards David

Watch this space as David is going to let us know what the outcome is!

Meanwhile The Captain and Daisy were presented with mini hot water bottles to help them keep warm during the cold spells! Pampered or what?

More about the missing micro chip, David writes........

Visited the vets who originally inserted the chip. They scanned and again could find no trace . They telephoned Petlog who said it was a rare example of chip failing. They authorised vet to insert another chip free of charge, (including Premium),which she did (and Jack yelped!). New Certificate on way to us from Petlog and their records will cross reference both the old and the new Numbers. A word of caution. If we were to require a Pet Passport, it's just possible the old chip might spring up so would need to be very careful when completing documentation. (Petlog offered to help if there was an issue). So all's well that ends well and Jack is legal and hopefully safe for the future. Perhaps members might like to ask for their WT's to be scanned when next visiting vet for treatment or pop in just in case. (Editors Note: My vet does this on our dogs annual check up, but a good idea to keep a check.) Kind regards David and Jan Morgan

Kaye Attoe Writes:

With regards to microchip failing, I have heard of this before, it was the reason we have had both of our dogs tattooed, purely so there is no reason for them to end up missing, should this happen.

If anyone is interested the cost was £25, £6 per dog if done by breeder before they are all

homed. They come to you so no travelling & there is no fee if you move to update your address!

Brilliant service, & worth every penny for my piece of mind!

X tks Kaye