Happy New Year!

I celebrated New Year's Eve by cuddling both dogs and watching an amazing firework display which we coped with until the really loud ones, that sounded like bombs, kicked off. Luckily they were few and far between and thank goodness they ended at midnight.

Today we'll go for a nice walk with Jack and Daisy. Happy New Year everybody!

Had some amusing e-mails from various people over the last couple of weeks. I can see some of you are looking forward to the ramble and have done a bit of ground work concerning car park charges and toilet charges. Jenny and Ian Carr have found a way to have a "free pee!" so they are in charge of that one!

I had also responses about my visit to the vet and basically it all boils down to personal choice and we all have to respect one anothers point of view. That's the whole point of not only this blog, but life in general.

Mean while an e-mail from Jan Chamberlain:

We had a lovely walk at Jeskyns today.Very sunny, a little chilly. As we pulled into the car park we saw an Airedale. The owner spotted Meg in the car and came over to say hello.Then we went over to orchard as it's quieter and we bumped into a couple with a Welsh terrier aged about 14 months named Doris,they came to a Weltos Summer Picnic before they got the dog.The pup is one of Alex Witmonds. Nice little dog, very small. Then blow me we got back to the car park and saw another Airedale. Seems they were like buses today don't see one for ages, then two come along together.

Happy New Year to you all!!