Amazing New Year Ramble!

Saturday 30th January 2016 views by the river

Wow! what a start to the Weltos New Year! Found a free parking space right outside the Park Gates, the rain cleared, the sun came out and although there was a nip in the air, it was just perfect for walking.

As usual we drew lots of attention wherever we were. Luckily David had one Weltos card on him so was able to hand it to a fellow terrier enthusiast.

Did you know that in one square mile of Greenwich, there is more history that anywhere in London? So not only an enjoyable walk but an informative one as well!

The pub was really cosy. Jan Chamberlain reckons that back in the day there used to be holes in the floor! The food was delicious and the dogs all really well behaved, even when confronted with the most amazing sausage rolls in the kingdom. See Aoife below:

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Another really good walk with the Welshes.We were so lucky with the weather, it's nice to have a walk at this time of year where we were not up to our ankles in mud.

Even though we grew up in the area, we never get tired of the park and the riverfront. It's certainly changed over the last 15 or so years,from industrial to blocks of flats.Thank goodness the Cutty Sark pub still remains, serving good food and good beer.The staff were very on the ball, we didn't have to wait long for the fish and chips. We were surprised how quick it arrived at our table.

Catch up with you soon


I loved seeing the dogs going mental on the beach on the return journey. We had two very pooped dogs later that day! An amazing walk with stunning views and right on our doorstep! David and myself will definitely be going back.

This was Tim's first event as Ramble Co-ordinator (as well as already being resident photographer)and he did us proud. He says he as a few more in the pipe line, all which involve pubs!!!! We can't wait! Well done!