Christmas Eve!!!

Just been playing around with the new photo app! So here's Captain Jack getting into the festive spirit!

Went to the Vet this morning. Boosters, Advocate, anal glands squeezed, plaque removed from one of Daisy's incisors, general health check and the annual wormers. Oh and a lecture on the dangers of giving raw food. My vet is not happy with it at all! So it was interesting to hear another side of things. I now have some tubs of Nature's Instinct in the freezer if anyone wants them!

I'm sure some of you will disagree, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I don't know about yours but the dogs can sense something is different and are getting excited. We are all going to enjoy Christmas and then in the New Year we will all make an effort not to eat so much!

Well done Tim for organising the New Year Ramble. It filled up rapidly!

I did receive an e-mail from David Morgan suggesting that informal name tags could be worn as he can never remember anyone's name! If any of you want to do that to help David please feel free.

Have a great Christmas everybody. See you next year. Look after your lovely dogs and give them an extra hug from me xxxx